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ADRIAN PAPAHAGI, ADINEL CIPRIAN DINCĂ, A History of the Book in the Medieval Dioceses of  Cenad, Oradea and Transylvania (Studia Codicum 1), Cluj: Școala Ardeleană, 2018.

In the Middle Ages, Christian faith and Latin letters unified Western Europe in an unprecedented way. A scholar from Venice wrote in Cenad and died as a saint in Buda. Volumes produced by the Cistercians of Pontigny ended up in Igriș, and Dominican treatises copied in Paris circulated in Sibiu. Transylvanian monks made manuscripts in Italy, while Bavarian scribes copied books in Transylvania. Italian and Bohemian artists decorated the pontificals and antiphonaries ordered by the bishops of Oradea. Students from the cities of Transylvania left their traces in books produced at the universities of Vienna and Krakow. Incunabula printed in Italy and Germany were illuminated and rubricated in Transylvania. Books used in Vienna were bound by craftsmen from Sibiu.

This is the picture emerging from the study of extant books from the medieval Catholic dioceses of Cenad, Oradea and Transylvania. The present study attempts to reconstitute the landscape of book production and use in the easternmost regions of Western Europe by examining the surviving books, but also inventories and other available information.


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