About us


The Centre for the History of the Book and Texts (CODEX) was founded in 2007. The Centre was recognised by the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj as a ‘Centre of Research, Development and Innovation” in 2013-2016, and again in 2016-2020.

Our purpose is to promote and to further the study of the medieval and early modern book. Our focus lies on Latin palaeography and codicology, on textual history and the history of books and libraries.

The Centre has a research library of about 1000 volumes.

Address: Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai Cluj, Parcul Hațieganu, Clădirea Juventus, Room 12 (tram 101/102 Plopilor).




Dr Adrian Papahagi, Reader in Medieval English and Manuscript Studies, Faculty of Letters UBB – director

Dr Adinel Dincă, Reader in Medieval History, Faculty of History UBB – deputy director

Professor Michelle P. Brown, University of London – member of the advisory board

Professor István Monok, Library of the Hungarian Academy – member of the advisory board

Professor Éric Palazzo, University of Poitiers – member of the advisory board

Dr Elena Șorban, Music Academy Cluj – member

Dr Cristian Ispir, The British Library – member

Dr Andreea Mârza, Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology UBB – member

Dr Andrei Goția, ITI Gaming – member

Dr Balázs J. Nemes, University of Freiburg – member

Dr András W. Kovács, Erdélyi Múzeum, Cluj – member

Dr Ciprian Firea, Romanian Academy, Cluj – member

Dr Doina Hendre Biro, Batthyaneum Library, Alba Iulia – member

Dr Cristian Mladin, Batthyaneum Library, Alba Iulia – member

Ms Paula Cotoi, PhD candidate, Faculty of History, UBB – member

Ms Alexandra Pop, MA student, Faculty of Letters, UBB – member

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